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East Edge’s Portfolio Management Services offer you professional investment management aimed to work around with the customised investment strategy. It aims to provide superior risk adjusted returns to clients that makes an ideal investment avenue for high-net-worth investors.

stock market
stock market
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East Edge

East Edge is a company that provides services in financial service, digital marketing, and web development. East edges team of experts will work to provide you with the needed skillset to maximize your success. We have been in the business for more than 20 years. East Edge has a strong business-friendly environment that makes it easy for any business to grow. We will work with you to meet your goals and help you succeed in these hard times by giving you all of our knowledge and experience. With us, there are no limit on what you can accomplish. It all started when we realized that it was not enough just to sell products online but we also had to attract people online as well so they could buy our product.

In this case, East Edge is a company that uses technology to help people with money and with digital service. We want to build healthy ecosystems that support long-term growth. Our businesses want to make money for our customers and help humanization technology. East Edge is a company that does business in both financial and digital services. We used to be a trading and investment company, but now we are an innovation-driven company that helps make the world a better place. Our businesses want to build healthy ecosystems that support long-term growth. We are always looking for new ways to improve technology that makes it easier for people to interact with each other.

Option Trading
Option Trading

Option Trading & Strategies Course

Options are a type of derivative contract that offer their holders the option to purchase or sell a securities at a specified price at a future date, but not the obligation to do so. The sellers of options charge a sum known as a premium for such a privilege. Option holders will let the option expire worthless and decline to exercise this right if market prices are unfavourable for them, limiting potential losses to the option premium. On the other hand, if the market shifts in a way that increases the value of this right, it uses it.

Call and put contracts are the two main types of options. When purchasing a call option, the contract's buyer acquires the right to purchase the underlying asset at a later time for a fixed sum known as the exercise price or strike price. A put option gives the buyer the ability to sell the underlying asset at a future date and price.

Future and option trading
Future and option trading

Commodity Trading

  • Commodities are goods used in commerce that are interchangeable with other goods of the same class. The most common use of commodities is as inputs in the production of other products. Among the most commonly traded commodities in Energy products are crude oil, natural gas, and gasoline. Precious metals include gold, silver, and platinum. Agricultural commodities products like wheat, corn, soybeans, and livestock. 

    A commodity is a fundamental good that is interchangeable with other items of the same sort in commerce. Commodities are frequently utilised as inputs in the manufacture of other commodities or services. The quality of a specific product may vary slightly from producer to producer, but it is basically uniform. Commodities that are traded on an exchange must also fulfil certain minimal requirements, commonly known as a base grade.

    Due to its volatile nature, commodity trading is extremely speculative, involves a great deal of risk, and is only suitable for those with sophisticated investment strategies who are able to bear the loss of more than their entire investment.

East Edge Services

You cannot put quality into a service or product. It all depends on what the client gets from it.We provide the best service possible.

Stock Market

We want to make sure you have all of the information you need to make the best investment decision for your portfolio.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

We can create a one-of-a-kind website and assist you with a variety of digital marketing services. Read More

Financial Service
Financial Service

East Edge assists Families and Entrepreneurs including registration, tax filing, accounting, and auditing. Read More

Blogging (Proconcept)

If writing is your passion, do it your way. Read More

E-commerce (Odcart)

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financial service
stock service
digital service

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Crypto Trading

  • Cryptocurrency trading entails taking a financial position on the price direction of individual cryptocurrencies against the dollar (in crypto/dollar pairings) or against another cryptocurrency (through crypto to crypto pairs). CFDs (contracts for difference) are a particularly popular way to trade cryptocurrencies because they provide greater flexibility, leverage, and the option to take both short and long bets.

Crypto Trading
Crypto Trading
Crypto Trading

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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our valued customers.

A stock and a share are essentially the same thing. They both represent a portion of a joint stock company's capital. Shares were always used in India, whereas stocks were used in the United States. They both mean the same thing.
You select stocks by screening the market for profitability, risk, valuation, and so on. For traders to easily create a portfolio, such analytics are available on the Tradebulls website. Before making any portfolio decisions, always consult with your RM or advisor.
Since it depends on your trading or investment perspective, there is no such thing as the ideal moment to purchase a share. Investors must purchase when the upward potential is greatest, and traders must buy when the downside risk is the lowest.
Equity investment is nothing more than stock and share investing. You take a stake in the business you are investing in. The ideal approach for investors to build wealth over a longer period of time is through stock investments, which allow you to take part in the company's growth.

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